Epsom Fencing Club

Epsom Fencing Club


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EFC Junior Beginner Course
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Our Fencing Equipment

For Beginners

We have enough basic kit to run a class of up to 16 beginners. Basic kit is :

  • mask
  • foil
  • jacket
  • plastron (inside chest protector)
  • glove

If you are a beginner, then you normally need only bring :

  • sports shoes or gym trainers (with non-marking soles)
  • lose-fitting jogging trousers
  • T-shirt

For Experienced Fencers

We have enough electric scoring boxes, ground wires & spools to set up and run 6 - 8 fencing pistes. Full member and visiting fencers (i.e. those not on the beginners course) are expected to provide their own kit (electric weapons, body wires, jacket, breeches, mask & lames).


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